Initial Assessment - 60 minutes $180

The first appointment is all about you.  We will discuss your past and current health habits — diets you've tried, the frustrations you've experienced, and success stories.  We will explore your goals and motivations so that Courtney can create a customized path for your success. Personalized recommendations and advice will be provided to help you even after just one meeting.

Courtney Puidk, MS, RDN, LD

Follow-Up Appointments - 45 minutes

3 - $450

6 - $840

9 - $1170

12 - $1440 ( + get a 13th session free!)

Change takes time.  Having support through the ups and downs is invaluable.  Courtney will be your partner in health — offering innovative advice, empowering you with science-based education, providing tireless motivation, and helping you stay focused on your health goals. Follow up appointments can be set at two-week or one-month intervals, but Courtney will always be available for contact in between sessions.

No matter how many follow ups you choose, Courtney will set aside one of them for a 60 minute trip with you to the grocery store of your choice. This is one of the most valuable and positive experiences that clients enjoy, as you learn how to evaluate your choices in your own setting, and will focus on what you can be eating, not what you "shouldn't" be eating.

What Can Courtney Do For You?

Thanks to technology and the internet, Courtney is able to provide an array of meeting options!

  • DC Area Residents:
    • In-person counseling in your own home
      • That's right, Courtney will come to you! What better place to learn about creating new habits than in your own environment. Personalized pantry overhauls, grocery tours and cooking demos await!
    • In-person counseling in the Barracks Row area of Washington, DC
    • And / or tele-health counseling through Healthie (see link below)
    • Customized packages allow us include all of the above
  • All clients:

The possibilities are endless! In person or via Skype-like telehealth sessions, here are some of the services Courtney can provide for you:

  • Set body composition goals, monitor progress, tailor action plans
  • Meal planning, prep education, and instruction
  • Custom meal plans
  • Grocery store tours (learn about all the things you CAN eat!)
  • Pantry investigations, education on reading nutrition labels
  • Identifying food allergies, managing gastro-intestinal distress and inflammation
  • Identifying need for supplement use, education on supplements
  • Plentiful resources for recipes, sourcing local foods, etc

All clients will have free access to their own Healthie app and online portal. Track your food with photo food logging, track your weight, take selfie progress photos, schedule your sessions, message and video chat me directly - right from your phone, tablet or computer! 

Contact me to discuss creating a customized package tailored to meet your needs. Each package will include an initial assessment and some number of follow-up appointments.