Courtney is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) offering services to individuals, families, and communities located in the Washington, DC metro area.  She believes in the power of the body to heal itself when nourished with wholesome foods.  Her goal as a clinician is to help clients cultivate healthy habits; learn basic skills related to cooking, time management and meal planning;  and to become more aware of how their choices impact not only their own health, but that of the community, economy, and environment.

Courtney earned a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Illinois Chicago, and a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA — an accredited naturopathic medical school renowned for natural health arts and sciences.  She is licensed in the District of Columbia (LD) and practices functional nutrition.

Courtney believes in a whole-foods approach to health. By minimizing processed sugar, artificial ingredients, adding a few new skills to your toolbox and taking ownership of your kitchen, amazing things will happen to your body and your energy levels. Proper nutrition can help with everything from taming the symptoms of IBS to seeing clearer skin in a matter of days; from faster recovery after workouts to better results from  your efforts in the gym or improved endurance in your races.

An avid cyclist, triathlete, Pilates and yoga enthusiast, and amateur Crossfitter, Courtney knows what it takes to fuel an active lifestyle, including the time constraints! She helps clients plan to refuel their bodies on a schedule that works for them so they continue to get better, faster, stronger.

Through nutrition counseling and lifestyle coaching, Courtney helps clients look and feel better; have more energy and less pain; and improve performance in athletic endeavors, work and daily life.  Her specialties include digestive disorders, identifying allergies, pain / inflammation management and sports nutrition.


Courtney Puidk, MS, RDN, LD